Make Magic With Mini E-Books And Short Reports

Make Magic With Mini E-Books And Short Reports

Make Magic With Mini E-Books And Short Reports

"Discover How You - Or Anyone - Can Quickly Solve Three (3) Of Your Primary Goals In Internet Marketing Through The Magic Of Giving Away FREE Reports!"

If You Have A Long Yearning On Building Your Mailing List At Warp Speed And Making An Abundance Of Income In The Process In A Low-Cost Fashion, Then You Owe It To Yourself To Read Every Line Of This Letter!

If you want to truly succeed on the Internet as an online marketer, you should be focusing on only 3 things... and nothing else!

"And what are the 3 things?" you ask. Well, they are:

Focus on building your credibility. Contrary to popular opinion (that's why they belong to the 95% group of people who are failing miserably in marketing online), your credibility MATTERS. As with anything else, online or offline, one of your primary goals should be to establish a presence in your chosen niche or marketing scene. It's human nature to believe (and even buy) on a trusted person's recommendation - and let that trusted person be YOU!

Build your mailing list. Keep doing this and you can declare a "home run". Marketers are often saying "money is in the list" not for nothing. If you want to generate insane profits, you should focus on building an insane amount of mailing list with insane quality, too! Simply put, you need to have a continuous stream of hungry prospects who are demanding for your solutions. And what often follows is that...

You should be selling! Income is made only when you sell. Period. Focusing on building your credibility followed by building your mailing list and then sending your endorsement emails result in...
Massive Sales!

This is a time-tested principle and as long as you make this three goals your primary focus, you will be enjoying long-term online wealth. In as simple as it may sound, it still comes across as a surprise to me why many people are doing anything - from reinventing the wheel to reinventing mistakes (ouch!) - when there is actually no need for those.

Well, perhaps they weren't aware of what to focus in their goals in Internet Marketing. Or maybe they didn't read this letter (makes you feel glad, am I right?).

"True, But That's Easier Said Than Done!"
Is that what you're having in mind right now? It may looked as if I have just spilled the beans after exposing the simple "often overlooked" recipes of Internet Marketing success, but the problem is: how are you - or anyone - going to go about doing just that?

For starters, you might just be a starter in Internet Marketing. And that often means your name is just another name or another "anybody" online. You don't have any credibility to begin with. And what about a list? Perhaps you don't have a substantial list, if any at all. And without those two, it's a small wonder why you're not making much money yet, if any at all, owing to lacking the first two success ingredients (notice there's a certain hierarchy there?).

Maybe you're an affiliate marketer who is looking to make a decent income promoting other people's products for handsome commissions. Maybe you want to have your own digital product but simply hate writing. But the stories you've heard about people making a wild income online continues to inspire you.

Now, what if i show you how to build your credibility substantially, explode your mailing list into swelling proportions and increase your sales exponentially - simultaneously? And you can achieve all these with a course?

That's right - I'm going to show you how to quickly achieve three of your primary goals in Internet Marketing through the magic of giving away FREE reports!

Some techniques I introduce in my manual require absolutely no writing on your part, which is good news especially if you loathe the idea of writing or simply don't have a flair for it.

Some other techniques require less to no money on your part, but demand more time and effort. The rest of the methods demand less time and effort from you but require slightly higher monetary investments.

Thus whichever one method suits you, you are guaranteed to find it in this manual.

So Here's What You Will Discover:

  1. How to use an 8-20 page mini report to be your vehicle to maximum exposure, maximum leads, and maximum profits - even though you're going to give away for FREE!
  2. How to maximize your affiliate commissions with the same mini literature, allowing you to smack other average affiliates down to ground zero!
  3. How to position your report to be unique and bribing visitors into joining your mailing list!
  4. All of what you need to get started on chalking out your own Mini E-Book - no guesswork involved! (Hint: they are mostly free and low-cost resources!)
  5. How to dispense your expertise and credibility into your free report easily - making people offering you the first utmost best impression!
  6. How to uncover and tap into red hot niches - this is especially a "must know" if you haven't decide what niche to be in. As the saying goes, "half of the battle is won simply by choosingwhere to fight"!
  7. The best way to format your Mini E-Book for professional impression and easy reading your reader's part!
  8. How to create your own super pre-seller Mini E-Book in less than 24 hours!
  9. How to get your friends or experts to create the content for you willingly!
  10. Tap into the ghostly resource of automatic writing as used by TOP Internet Marketers you and I know of today!
  11. The single most powerful strategy of compiling reprint rights articles yet still maintain the credibly expert status!
  12. How to use the two "P" resources in building your FREE report in less than a couple of hours!
  13. How to ride the modern wave of the future and go high-tech with your Mini E-Books, leaving other Report writers deeming themselves "old school"!
  14. How to strategically position your Mini E-Book to be the ultimate lead collector for your mailing list while you spend your free time anyhow you like!
  15. Secret: What makes people pass your report around willingly without you having to beg them to do so, in effect creating a viral result for you!
  16. A comprehensive list of E-Book directories you can submit your free report to for maximum exposure!
  17. How to use FREE and low-cost advertising methods in getting the word out about your free report and get your returns more than you imagine - may it be leads, credibility and sales!
  18. The common Mini E-Book mistakes you should avoid doing - it's for other novice marketers to reinvent! But not for you!

And much, much more! This is barely scratching the surface.

All the good stuff told...

Exactly WHO Benefits The Most From The Course?

You... if you're a new comer to the Internet Marketing scene and need to build your credibility and establish your presence.

You... if you're an affiliate marketer and are looking for more effective ways to scoop those handsome commissions other than relying purely on Pay-Per-Click and using cookie-cutter web sites.

You... if you want to explode your sales into incredible proportions!

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  1. People often ask, “what is a mini E-Book” and why is it important in the scheme of my business? To answer the question of “what is a mini E-Book?”
  2. Lesson 2: The Mini E-Book Magic

    Why give mini E-Books away for free when you could sell them and make money? Many marketers might say there is no reason to give them away for free.
  3. Lesson 3: Getting Started with Your Own Mini E-Book

    If you want to succeed in making a powerful, viral E-Book, you must begin by getting all of the tools you need to get started. Below, I have listed a basic set of tools you can use for free:
  4. Lesson 4: Creating Your Own Mini E-Book in Under 24 Hours

    Before you write anything, commit yourself to deciding the theme of your mini EBook. It sounds like something obvious enough, but many times, we will begin writing a project, whether..........
  5. Lesson 5: Putting the Finishing Touches to Your Mini E-Book

    These tactics definitely do work when determining how to brand your mini EBook to be unique. Test some of these out with your next mini E-Book. Perhaps you can try replacing your normal picture on your sales page with a picture of you in a gorilla suit.
  6. Lesson 6: Marketing Your Mini E-Book

    Another secret that makes people give your mini E-Book willingly to other people is pre-created advertisements. This takes a good amount of the work out of promoting your E-Book. Since many cannot write well or do not feel comfortable doing so........
  7. Lesson 7: Final

    There are three common mini E-Book mistakes you should avoid.

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