Learn How to Be an Air Courier

Learn How to Be an Air Courier

Learn How to Be an Air Courier

Be An ….. Air Courier

Did You Know …..….. that you can fly anywhere in the world you like, at huge discounts on normal fares, sometimes FREE of Charge, simply by working as a courier for one of hundreds of companies needing people to accompany their packages abroad?

Go to New York, Australia, Hong Kong, or Hawaii.

Go anywhere you like, in fact. Courier companies worldwide are desperate for people like you to help them maintain their reputation for speedy, reliable delivery of products and packages to all corners of the world.

Whatever your age, whatever your status, no matter where you live, there's every chance for you to travel abroad free of charge (or at uniquely low cost) several times a year, or even spend the majority of your time travelling to exciting locations, and even earn a living as you go! (More about this later!)

How come you haven't heard of this fantastic opportunity before? Could it be because the opportunity is so good, so easily available, that until now the existence of free air courier travel has been a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of lucky travellers? Or perhaps you've thought it was just too good to be true ….. so ….. it must be a scam! Not so, it's very much above board and now the secret is open to you.

So exactly how do you reach out for your share of free and next-to-nothing travel to anywhere you'd like to go? What can you do when you get there ….. and how can you generate some useful spending money or even make a full-time living from your travels?

You'll need to know what couriers do, of course, and what other money-making options await you, and you'll need to know how and where to apply for a flight. You'll also need to know where to send your application, which courier firms travel where, and how to find a flight that suits you best.

So you'll need a copy of our fantastic guide How to Be an Air Courier to reveal exactly how you can fly free or for next to nothing, to any place on earth, as often as you like, every year for the rest of your life.

Here's a sneak preview of the course:

•All About Courier Travel - The World's Best Kept Travel Secret!

•Why Are Couriers So Important?

•Why Do Courier Companies Offer Such Ridiculous Travel Discounts?

•How and Where Do I Apply to Become a Courier?

•Where Can I Go?

•How to Make Yourself Indispensable to Hiring Companies ….. and enjoy regular free and low cost flights for life!

•Two Words That Bring You Quickly To Mind Every Time a Courier Is Needed!

•Tips to Help You Get Started ….. And On The Way to Getting Regular Free and High Discount Flights for Life!

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  1. Air courier travel is one of the easiest ways to travel free - or at very low cost - and there’s a growing need for couriers, meaning more chances for more people to travel to many more places than they ever thought possible.
  2. Items you might be asked to accompany abroad include: letters, photographs, legal papers, business proposals, contracts, computer disks, reports, product prototypes. But it isn’t just big companies that require your help.
  3. Chapter 2: Who Can Become an Air Courier

    Air courier travel is a bargain hunter’s dream and appeals to budget travellers from all walks of life:
  4. Chapter 3: How can I get started

    The application procedure is simple and there are many ways to find ‘work’ as a courier.
  5. Chapter 4: The application process

    You may have to apply by letter, telephone, fax or email, sometimes in person. Increasingly, companies request applications online.
  6. Chapter 5: What happen next?

    Some companies fly to just one destination; others to several; many cover most major international towns and cities.
  7. Chapter 6: Is it legal?

    Is it legal to be an air Courier?
  8. Chapter 7: How much will it cost?

    How much will it cost?
  9. Chapter 8: Where can I go?

    Naturally, you’ll only be able to visit areas serviced by specific courier companies so,
  10. Chapter 9: How long can I stay at my destination?

    How long can I stay at my destination?
  11. Chapter 10: What if I can't fulfil my obligations?

    What if I can't fulfil my obligations?
  12. Chapter 11: Do I need travel insurance?

    Do I need travel insurance?
  13. Chapter 12: Are there any drawbacks?

    Are there any drawbacks?
  14. Chapter 13: Tips for prospective couriers

    Make yourself indispensable to courier companies by giving first class service, honouring your obligations, looking smart, and being available for virtually all destinations and willing to fly at any time at little or no notice.

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