Internet Marketing Lost Secrets

Internet Marketing Lost Secrets

Internet Marketing Lost Secrets

Here's how you can understand and use the strategies that the pros use day-by-day...

"Revealed At Last: An Amazing Collection Of Lost Internet Marketing Strategies In An Exclusive Video Presentation"

Just one of these hot little strategies could transform your business... and Now You Can Leverage the Strategies of the Professionals for YOUR Benefit

Dear Friend:

always thought that if I knew what the professionals knew about this business, then things would be so much easier. I was convinced that despite all the ebooks, courses etc, there was some arcane secret that they weren't telling you.

The Truth? There isn't any arcane secret to this business. Oh Yeah, sure, most pro's have one or two personal tricks up their sleeve which they have learned, but these are far from the golden panacea to solve everything including baldness.

What I HAVE found however, is that there is a "body of knowledge", used by the pro's which they use, almost like riding a cycle. They can't explain how, it "just comes natural"

I Wanted SOMEONE to Walk the Extra Mile With Me.

Sometimes, it's just not OK to read a small manual about it. There's nothing like having someone walk the extra mile with you, or failing that, to hear their voice explaining gentle 'how to do it'.

The sense of frustration in trying to 'figure things out' is incredible isn't it? I know - I suffer from it all the time, but when I can hear someone EXPLAINING it to me, well - things become a lot clearer.

Now one of the biggest problems at the moment is a 'lack of attention'. People have seen it all before and done it all before. You need to have something very special in order to make them sit up and listen.

Introducing IM Lost Secrets

I've discovered a lost world of professional strategies that are used almost without thinking by the big-guys and I've made a video presentation of them explaining exactly what they are.

An Example of just ONE of these Strategies

In this course, you'll learn 50 professional strategies for profit pulling sales pages. For example, have you heard of the Visual Bonus Strategy? "Bonus - you'll get the comic book version". This strategy tells your prospects that they will have a little entertainment when reading your information. Your information could be in the form of product instructions, quick start guides, eBooks, follow along guides for audio/video products etc. Entertaining bonus pictures, drawings, photos and/or graphics can visually attract people to purchase your main product

This is HOW this video presentation is going
to turn your marketing on its head.

Once you've got a grip on these strategies, your marketing will never be the same again. Once you've listened to me explaining these secrets and 'made them your own' you'll be able to use them in a precise and targeted way.

You'll learn how personal stuff and tragic stories can be used to your prospects.

People are interested in YOU!. You'll find out how to use knowledge of what YOU do to create a valuable bonus.

You'll see how a Non-Official Launch can give you the edge.

How giving away a net percentage can positively persuade.

And much, much more! - In fact there are 50 Lost IM Secret Strategies in this new and exclusive Video Presentation

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Course Intro Video


  1. The following publication includes fifty powerful marketing strategies.
  2. The "Money Offering" Strategy, The "URL Privilege" Strategy, The "Electric Discount" Strategy, The "Future Warning" Strategy, The "Controversial Ending" Strategy...etc.
  3. 11-20 Strategy

    The "One Link Fits All" Strategy, The "No Moldy Cheese" Strategy, The "I'm Focusing" Strategy, The "Big Ego" Strategy, The "Net Percentage" Strategy, The "Don't Sell Anything" Strategy, The "All Over The World" Strategy, The "Benefit Appraisal" Strategy, The "I Can Handle It" Strategy, The "Month Behind" Strategy
  4. 21-30 Strategy

    The "Testimonial Timesaver" Strategy 22. The "Don't Opt-In" Strategy, The "Recently Benefited" Strategy, The "Personal Discount" Strategy, The "Automatic Credit" Strategy, The "We Hate Spam" Strategy, The "Opt-In O.T.O." Strategy, The "Vacation" Strategy, The "Guru Proof" Strategy, The "Private Chat" Strategy
  5. 31-40 Strategy

    The "Make Money Too" Strategy, The "Pre Notification" Strategy, The "More The Merrier" Strategy, The "Giving Rebate" Strategy, The "Opt-In Contest" Strategy, The "Waiting List" Strategy, The "First For Rebate" Strategy, The "Random Winner" Strategy, The "Picture Rebate" Strategy, The "Gifts Via E-mail" Strategy
  6. 41-50 Strategy

    The "Read And Subscribe" Strategy, The "Opt-In And Look" Strategy 43. The "Unshared Gift" Strategy, The "My Subscriptions" Strategy, The "Non Official Launch" Strategy, The "Personal Email" Strategy, The "First, Second, Third" Strategy, The "Don't Buy Until" Strategy, The "Whitelist E-mail" Strategy, The "Rebate Bet" Strategy
  7. Conclusion

    I hope that by reading all these strategies was both educational and inspiring for you.

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