Internet Marketing- Copywriting Simplified

Internet Marketing- Copywriting Simplified

Internet Marketing- Copywriting Simplified

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Web Copywriting: Essential or Not?

One of the things that make the Internet so appealing is the fact there is plenty of useful and entertaining information to be found. Of course, some website owners prefer to simply copy data from other sources as a way to flesh out the content of their sites.

When this happens, they miss out on some great opportunities. Here are just a couple of reasons why original web copywriting is not only important but essential to the success of a website.

Firstly, original copy helps to make the website stand out from the millions of other sites that are already up and running. Even if the subject matter is the same that is found on the Internet, an original copy is the chance to put the data into word combinations that are a little different. When the content of the site is not a copycat of thousands of similar sites, the chances for ranking higher on searches is much better.

Along with making the site stand out a little more, creating original copy also makes it possible to use keywords to the best advantage. This can also help to push the ranking up a few more notches in search engines.

Strategically placing keywords that are part of common searches online help to improve the chances of showing up in the top ten results. Higher rankings mean more visitors. If the purpose of the site is to market an idea or product, this is a very good thing. Lastly, copywriting provides a creative outlet. Drafting original content makes it possible to show the world what you have to offer in the way of ideas, style, concepts and opinions. You simply can’t do that if the content is borrowed from another source.

While it is true that coming up with original content takes longer than simply cutting and pasting canned content onto the site, the benefits far outweigh the time spent in the endeavor. When given a choice between going with tired old copy that can be found all over the Internet and coming up with something new and different, always go for the fresh web copy. Join the course to learn more.........

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  1. How to Mind Map Your Offer and Craft Your Sales Copy Flow

    Mind mapping is a valuable tool when it comes to creating effective sales copy. While not everyone is familiar with the concept of a mind map, chances are you have seen the approach used to great effect.
  2. The Five Ps of Web Copywriting

    When settling into draft original copy for a web project, it is important to keep the five Ps of Web Copyrighting in mind.
  3. How to Write a Compelling Headline that Qualifies Your Prospects

    No matter how well crafted the body of your content, a headline that grabs attention will always make a difference.
  4. The Compelling Story Technique

    Any successful copy is going to tell a story. Just how well that story is told makes all the difference in whether or not a prospect turns into a customer.
  5. Introducing Your Offer and Instilling the Power Benefits

    In general, your sales copy has only a few seconds to grab the interest of a prospect and move them along to closing the sale.
  6. Killing All Prospect Doubts - Leave No Chance to Excuse

    Up to this point, you have done a great job. Your presentation of the problem was ideal. Your follow up with the benefits and proof of how efficient and valuable your product was great. You even thought the close statement was right on the mark.
  7. Act Now - Not Later!

    One of the goals you have for your sales copy is to compel the reader to make a decision now. All too often, copy builds an excellent case for considering the product but does not follow through with that little-added extra that pushes the prospect off the fence and into making a decision to buy.
  8. Final Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Copy

    One thing to keep in mind is there is no such thing as a perfect sales copy. There is excellent sales copy that works perfectly today, but there are no guarantees that it will be just as effective a month from now or even next week. The fact is that sales copy has a relatively short shelf life.

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