How To Lost Over 60+ Pounds In Less Then 4 Months

How To Lost Over 60+ Pounds In Less Then 4 Months

How To Lost Over 60+ Pounds In Less Then 4 Months

Learn How To Lost Over 60+ Pounds In Less Then 4 Months With No Pills, No Costly Gym Membership No Special Foods.

My Cardiologist Told Me To Diet Or Die

Yes this is a true story My Cardiologist told me to Die or Die What happened I was well overweight and fat got around the heart and opened up the valve. So I had to lose a lot of weight fast just to live. This is not going to be about me but my diet.

If you are know it, and I am talking to you!

I want to be honest with you ... I do not work now and have put on some weight to be exact 75lb overweight.. I was not into exercise. I retired and got lazy sitting around the house some 14 hours a day doing nothing. Just going to the Doctors office for a physical it was found I have a heart problem.

I lost over 60 pounds and 4+ inches off my waist without pills, strenuous exercise, or any of the things that the diet experts tell you to do...and I did it in less than 4 months!

If You Do Not Want To Stop Eating Fast Food & Drinking Sodas...Then Close This Page Right Forget it!

That's right...Forget it! No one can help you if you can't do a simple thing like refraining from fast food and sodas. You will remain fat,

You will remain fat, lets face it if you don't care enough about their health and appearance to stop doing what is needed. why Should I There is only so much I can do. I can lead you to results...but only if you make the decision to help yourselves!

I Have Kept This "Very Simple"

If you have the desire, and can read through my e-course , then this is for you! I could have easily made it a lot more difficult, with stacks of information that people will never read, but why? You know the risks of being fat, and what problems go with it...right? You already know that obesity causes heart disease, and sugar diabetes...along with many other problems. You already know that.

I have given you everything you need to know, based on my own experiences. I'm not going to hype this up...because I don't have to. It Works...that's all you need to be concerned about!

If You Are Pregnant, or Looking To become Pregnant, Then this Is Not For You At This Time!

With any diet you must take the advise from your doctor just to see if you can go on a diet Now saying that. Join the course to discover more.........

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  1. Chapter 2: Dieting and Exercise

    Many, if not all of the weight loss expert's Also my Diet Nutritionist told me will that exercise and diet must go together.
  2. Chapter 3: Drinking

    I used to be a hard core tea drinker. Nobody could have possibly loved their tea more than I. (I also loved alcohol, but that's another story.)
  3. Chapter 4: The Plan

    For the first 1 or 2 weeks, this may be difficult for you. We are essentially shrinking our stomachs, and replacing bad habits with good habits.
  4. Chapter 5: The Food

    The foods to keep it simple again No need to purchase any special foods. Again any diet is common sense Cut out the junk food.
  5. Chapter 6: Great Foods To Help You Lose Weight

    Here we have the best foods to have in your diet. If you have these foods in your diet you are guaranteed To lose weight.

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