How to Ditch Your Child’s Dummy in only 5 Steps

How to Ditch Your Child’s Dummy in only 5 Steps

How to Ditch Your Child’s Dummy in only 5 Steps

"How to Ditch Your Child's Dummy in only 5 Steps" Its so easy its practically Childs Play!

Read on to discover the benefits of ditching the dummy...

Many Health Professionals believe that dummy use should be restricted from around six months of age and that the use of a dummy or pacifier has ended by the age of one.

Dummies / Pacifiers can be a breeding ground for many harmful germs and bacteria.

Where you aware that your Child's Dummy / Pacifier / Soother can also affect your child or baby's health, disadvantages include:

•Increased Ear Infections

•Links to stomach and other infections

•Speech Impairment

•Dental Problems

Every parent will know the feeling of sheer terror when they lose or cant find their child's dummy.

This distresses your child, which in turn also distresses you.

Do you remember all those unapproving glances that strangers throw at you when your child is crying because their dummy is lost.

Do you want the freedom of your never having to worry about losing a dummy again.

It isnt only your child who will benefit from being dummy free, but the parents benefit too.

•No more stresses or strains !

•No more searching for lost dummies !

•No more getting up through the night to put a dummy back in your child's mouth !

•No more panic when the dummy is lost!

Imagine the freedom, you will be more relaxed and your child or baby will be more relaxed too!

A peaceful and happy setting for all the family.

Its time the dummy got dumped !

Its time you helped your baby to ditch that dirty dummy and using these 5 simple and easy to follow steps you can help ensure that:


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  1. Babies have a natural sucking reflex so pacifiers / dummies are a great source of comfort for them.
  2. Step 2 : Slowly Wean Your Child off the Dummy

    In order for your child to give up their dummy or pacifier, you will have to remove the habit that has formed in their mind.
  3. Step 3 : Alternative methods of comfort

    Up until now your child has used their dummy or pacifier for comfort.
  4. Step 4 : Leave the house without a dummy or pacifier

    Don t Panic ! It wont be that bad. If this fills you with dread don t let it.
  5. Step 5: Ditching the Dummy FOREVER

    Ok the time has come, can you say yes to all of the following statements.

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