Getting Filthy Rich From Simple And Easy-To-Create Information Products

Getting Filthy Rich From Simple And Easy-To-Create Information Products

Getting Filthy Rich From Simple And Easy-To-Create Information Products

You're About To Possess The World's Most Powerful Info Product Secrets That The 'Gurus' Want Hidden From You Forever!

"For The First Time, Discover The Amazing Secrets To Getting Filthy Rich From Simple And Easy-To-Create Information Products...Quicker And Easier Than You Ever Imagined!"

This Never-Before-Revealed Step By Step Course Will Obliterate Every Obstacle To Your Information Empire And Hand You Wads Of Cash Like An Out Of Control Money-Sucking Machine...From Any Niche You Want And At Any Time You Want!

Let me put it to you bluntly - information sells like crazy!

It doesn't matter which market you go into, or if it's online or offline...the easiest and hottest

selling 'commodities' are at their very core informative.

Here's why...

People buy things because they want to learn and know more about topics they're interested in, and they will continue buying because knowledge is infinite.

Think about it. When and why have you purchased information yourself?

You don't need me to tell you this but...

Information Sales Is Responsible For BILLIONS In Profits Every Year!

One thing's for sure: If you want to rake in huge income on a consistent basis on the internet, then you need to focus on selling information.

More importantly, you need to sell the right information to the right people who are looking precisely to buy it.

Sounds easy? It is. This is a real 'secret' to online success.

The question is...

How Can YOU Profit Like Crazy From This For A Real Slice Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Cash Pie?

There're a number of ways, with the 'normal' methods being affiliate marketing, resale rights, content sites and eBay.

To take a quantum leap into success though, what you really need are YOUR OWN information products.

This puts you into a position of power, with the power to profit wildly!

In fact I'd go so far as to say that you won't be able to hit your full money-making potential online unless you've at least...

ONE Hot-Selling Information Product Of Your Own!

I realize this early on, as did many marketers and 'gurus' you hear about, and built an information empire for riches beyond my imagination.

There's absolutely no mystery about it - you need your own information products if you want to succeed wildly.

Tell me, how would you like to...

...Achieve FULL Financial Independence, Live The Lifestyle You've Been Dreaming Of And Have The Power To Write Your Own Paychecks Anytime You Want?

It's more than possible, and it's really up to you.

You don't have to depend on anybody else, you don't have to 'slave' for measly wages. You can be the one calling the shots.

Think it's hype? Think again. I've done it and so have thousands of other ordinary people who have 'discovered' the secrets of information riches.

Talk is cheap so here's proof. Below you'll see the ClickBank sales for just one information product in August 2005:

That's $3,533.20 of easy profits in a month from just one simple information product.

Doesn't sound like a lot? Multiply this by 10, 20 or even 50 easy-to-create products and you'll get the idea.


It's Extremely Easy If You Know Exactly What To Do And How To Do It!

Once you uncover these hidden 'secrets' to your own info riches, you can suck in automatic money anytime you want from any market you want.

What you're about to discover will become your lifetime power to create cash on demand with simple information products.


You'll learn exactly how to produce, package and get rich from your own information products, without fluff or fillers, just everything you need to amass huge profits right away!

You won't find 'normal' stuff here like getting ghostwriters from elance or interviewing experts, etc...

...this course is packed to the brim with hidden info strategies you hardly, if ever hear about!

You Can Finally Discover Every Secret You Need For Your Own Info Riches In This Amazing Step-By-Step Course!


Here're just some of the powerful strategies you'll discover instantly:

• How to come up with money-cranking topics for mega info profits - all the work has been done for you.

• The 'Quickest To Market' technique to guarantee that your ideas turn into hot-selling info products every single time...know this and you're in for a huge fortune!

• Amazing '10-step Info Riches Formula' that digs out 'million-dollar products' for you in just minutes!

• How to unleash the 'Profitable Product Outline' that makes creating your next best-seller an absolute snap!

• The absolute fastest ways to find and create content for your info products (hardly anyone know these tactics even exist)...

• How to use Google and Amazon to create unlimited content for your products fast...

• The 30 most profitable ways to package your products for maximum riches!

• How to create and package your money-making ebooks for free...

• The simple method to creating and packaging your own high-profits AUDIO and VIDEO courses for free!

• A quick FREE way to record teleseminars and interviews for 100% profits...

• How to create your own membership site absolutely free (finally, you won't get ripped off of hundreds of dollars in set up and recurring fees!)

• This foolproof and incredibly powerful '12-Step Sales Letter Template System' practically 'forces' your killer sales letters to write themselves!

• How to easily create 'viral promoters’ for instant free traffic and money!

• Completely free blog alternatives for promoting your products NOW...

• The TRUTH behind resale rights and how to use them so they DON'T destroy your business (you'll be making tons MORE money this way!)

• How to really create 'List Building Articles' and the best places to submit them for truckloads of hyper-responsive subscribers and unstoppable sales!

• Money-saving secret to produce your own CD/DVD product for less than $7...

• How to quickly publish your own physical book for less than $10...

• How to turn your books into 'sold-out' best sellers and achieve instant 'celebrity status' in record time!

• Where to get an ISBN for your book for $35 or less in just a few hours (there's no need to spend $225 on a 10 day wait)...

• Where to get a completely FREE merchant account for your info empire (this saves you the $50 set-up fees that ClickBank charges you!)

You'll also discover these latest cutting-edge strategies for creating simple Podcast Info Products for mega profits on autopilot...

• The easy way to creating your own professional podcasts for free (doesn't matter if you're new at this and haven't got a clue what 'podcast' means!)

• How to turn simple podcasts into extreme viral traffic solutions for unlimited cash!

• How to effortlessly promote your podcasts to MILLIONS of targeted audience without spending a cent!

• And much much more...

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  1. This is a step-by-step action course designed to provide you with a simplified approach to producing, packaging and promoting your own information products.
  2. Chapter 2: Subject Areas That Will Always Produce Info Riches

    How does your business serve others?
  3. Chapter 3: How To Find The “Quickest To Market” Concept

    How To Brainstorm And Narrow Down Your Information Product Ideas To Find The “Quickest To Market” Concept
  4. Chapter 4: Info Riches 10-step Formula

    A Proven ‘Info Riches 10-step Formula’ To Quickly Evaluate Your TOP Product Ideas
  5. Chapter 5: How To Effectively Create A ‘Profitable Product Outline’

    Here’s what I mentioned about in the beginning, having an ‘outline’ for your product. This will guide and accelerate your product creation process faster than you thought possible.
  6. Chapter 6: How To Use Google To Find And Create Content For Your Product Outline

    Most people know about as the largest search engine in the world… however, few realize how powerful it is as a research tool.
  7. Chapter 7: How To Use Amazon To Generate Tons Of High Quality Content Easily

    Amazon started off selling books, branched out into music and now sell everything - including kitchen sinks.
  8. Chapter 8: 30 Top Ways To Package Your Information Products For Maximum Riches

    Remember, stop thinking of a “product”… think in terms of “content”. Think about the outline you built and the content you’ve collected.
  9. Chapter 9: How To Package Your Ebook For Free

    This is a particularly important step. And the reason is because you want to make your ebook information product available to as many people as humanly possible.
  10. Chapter 10: How To Create And Package Audio Products For Free

    There is a free audio software that makes it SO extremely easy for anyone to create an audio product.
  11. Chapter 11: How To Record Interviews With Experts For Free

    At some points you will probably want to hold teleseminars or just simply record phone interviews with experts in your idea subject area.
  12. Chapter 12: How To Create A Membership Area For Free

    If you want to be financially free you truly should have at least one form of residual income – where the income keeps coming each month.
  13. Chapter 13: How To Edit And Package Video Products For Free

    When it comes to free video editing software (for PCs) there is little doubt that Microsoft’s Movie Maker is the most robust and feature-rich product to use.
  14. Chapter 14: How To Package Your Digital Products For Instant Downloads For Free

    Sometimes you will want to bundle your files together and allow your clients to download them digitally from your website.
  15. Chapter 15: Promoting Your Product- 12-Step Sales Letter Template System

    Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I’ve got my friend David to reveal his proven template system to you here. Make sure you follow it to a ‘T’.
  16. Chapter 16: Free Blog Alternatives You Can Use To Promote Your Products

    If you are not already blogging then you should consider including it in your marketing promotion.
  17. Chapter 17: How To Really Write ‘List-Building Articles’ And Where To Submit Them For Maximum Results

    These are the steps to writing effective and result-based articles that will build your list and sales on autopilot.
  18. Chapter 18: How To Create A Viral Product And Make It ‘Buzz’

    The most powerfully written instruction manual for making your products and content go viral is Seth Godin’s “Idea Virus”.
  19. Chapter 19: Resale Rights And How To Use Them So They Don’t Destroy Your Business

    You can sell your information product such as your ebook for $27 or you can sell the resale rights to it for $67, $97 or more.
  20. Chapter 20: The ONE Marketing Forum You Have To Be An Active Member Of

    There are many marketing forums on the internet. Some are good, some are not.
  21. Chapter 21: How To Publish Your Own (Physical) Book For Less Than $10

    Once you have your content in e-book format, it’s just a one step process to get a physical book printed.
  22. Chapter 22: How To Produce Your CD/DVD For Less Than $7

    As an information marketer you will definitely need to be able to create CDs and DVDs.
  23. Chapter 23: How To Make Your Book A Best-Seller

    How To Make Your Book A Best-Seller For The Instant “Celebrity Status” You Need To Market Your Other Products And Services
  24. Chapter 24: How To Create Podcasts Using Your PC

    This time around, I'm walking through the steps required to record and post your own podcast using tools virtually everyone has or can easily acquire on a tiny budget.
  25. Chapter 25: Making A Podcast With Blogger And FeedBurner

    Blogger is not our first choice for weblog-based podcasting.

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