Fusion Cooking Recipes

Fusion Cooking Recipes

Fusion Cooking Recipes

What is Fusion Cooking?

Here are some definitions:

Fusion Cooking is taking the locally available ingredients & adjust it to their ethnic taste.

Fusion cooking is a culinary method that integrates various regional cooking styles in order to create innovative new tastes.

Fusion cooking is the art of mixing ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into a unique dish of flavour.

Fusion cuisine is when you combine particular ethnic cuisines and fuse them into one.

There are many definitions of Fusion Cooking, but the one that I think describes it best is:

Fusion Cooking is about experimentation. Pushing the boundaries of cooking styles by combining ethnic ingredients and techniques. It’s about having fun with your food and the enjoyment you get from the taste of your food.

This is not a cookery course or any great authority concerning culinary skills.
In fact, I know very little about cooking except for what I do in my own kitchen.
Yes, I have followed the recipes to the letter like everyone else and sometimes it comes out like the picture, but most of the time I am disappointed with the comparison.

Fusion is your own food looking how you want it to look, It might be a snack, a sweet, party food or a full-blown dinner. But it’s yours and you like it. Hopefully, if you are entertaining guests they too will enjoy what you have created.

This is a collection of Fusion recipes to get you started on your own journey of Fusion Food discovery. Some of the dishes are very simple whilst others are complex. You will find snacks and sweets along with full-blown dinner party or ideal BBQ recipes.

Hopefully, these recipes will give you ideas of your own to try. Or you can just use these recipes and discover which ones you like the best.

There are few serving suggestions and you will need to adjust ingredient amounts for your own needs. Remember that these are dishes from all over the world so some ingredients may be unfamiliar to you.
Don’t let this put you off trying the dish. Find your local equivalent or why not just replace those ingredients with something else.

Be prepared to have some disasters in the kitchen, BUT also be prepared to discover some wonderfully tasty dishes that will be unique to yourself.

Hopefully, this will provide you with some ideas to change some of the foods you cook normally and change them by experimenting with the tastes you enjoy most.

Here’s and example to get your mind thinking about what you can do.

How about taking a traditional German dish and adding the flavours of India or take a typical Italian dish and create flavours of the Orient.

Some people say you need to be careful of interchanging flavours in foods, BUT if it tastes good to go for it.

Remember there are no rules to creating your own dishes just let your imagination go wild. Imagine what it was like to be a 5-year-old trying to help your mother in the kitchen.

What would you have cooked!!!!!

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