Fast Niche Product Creation

Fast Niche Product Creation

Fast Niche Product Creation

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll have at least one six-figure idea that you could easily take to the bank! I hope that gets you excited. Let’s get to it…

It's Easier Than You Think…

Most people who are new to the Internet, or even some who have been around for a while, believe that they can't create their own ebooks (or CD’s, videos, etc.) because they can't write.

There are also a lot of 'so-called' gurus who will have you believe that it's more difficult than it actually is.
What I'd like to show you through this special report is that you CAN create your own ebook and other products. And you can do it fast! Even if you've never written a word in your life! (If you’re new to the field, your main challenge may be getting recognized as an expert. But creating your own products will be easy once you learn the shortcuts and tips in this e-course!)

You see, it’s all about 'perspective.' The first time you see someone riding a bicycle, you immediately say “That’s not possible” or “I can’t do that.” And, maybe you’re right to some extent. You can’t ride a bicycle yet. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t ride a bicycle ever.

You just have to get on it, stumble a few times and before you know it, you’re balancing a metal frame on two wheels! Something that seemed impossible just a few days ago.

It’s the same with writing an ebook. In fact, it’s much easier than learning how to ride a bicycle.

The trick really is to just get started. Just start writing and let you thoughts flow. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or sentence structure or formatting or any of that. Just get the information out of you. You can edit it later.

If you edit while you write, you interrupt the flow of ideas.

You can also use a tape recorder and just talk freely into it. Imagine you’re talking to a friend and you’re giving her advice about X (where “X” is the subject you want to write about.) When you’re done, you can type it all out into your computer, or get someone to transcribe it.

What people should to realize is that you don’t need to be an English major to write an ebook. Just write the way you talk to a friend. Then, have someone read it out loud and see if either of you can find any areas that sounds choppy or confusing. You can also get a college student to edit it for you, if you’re not comfortable doing your own editing. (Although, personally, I prefer to read an ebook that seems like the author is “talking to me” (it seems more interactive) instead of an ebook that uses perfect grammer, and structure but ends up being boring.

If it still seems like a daunting task to write the book, just break the ebook up into sections or chapters, and knock them out one at a time… kinda like writing short reports. (Break the task up into smaller pieces and tackle it that way.)

Anyone can write an ebook.

An Easier Alternative Still...

Of course, if you still want an easier way to do it, just hire someone else to write it for you. You can go to a site like to find a ghostwriter.

Hundreds of marketers are releasing products every day using the above strategy. They don't have to write a word of it, and they don't even have to be an expert on the subject! It's the easiest way to come into this business and start making money quickly! Join the course to learn more...........

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Course Intro Video


  1. How To Create Products In A Matter Of Hours

    Creating products is so easy, all you have to do is break away from the limitations of the 'standard' way of creating products. In other words, you don't have to do all the work yourself! In fact, if you get a little creative, you won't have to do any of the work!
  2. Coming Up With Winning Ebook Ideas

    The standard way to come up with a winning ebook idea is to study your market. Find out what the problems and frustrations of your market is and pick a subject that people are desperately needing answers to.
  3. Establish Your Uniqueness

    Look, creating products is not that difficult, as I’m sure you’re aware of by now. But if you really want to make good money in this business and establish yourself as a respected expert, you have to be unique! This is so important that it’s worth repeating several times.
  4. The Process

    It’s very important to let your mind relax and roam freely, in a limitless manner.......
  5. Planning The Outline & Content

    Since this report is about creating products fast, you'll notice me offering you some amazing shortcuts throughout this course that will help you get your ebook written super fast!
  6. Avoiding Doubts, Fears, and Writers Block

    Here’s a simple remedy: do whatever it takes to shift your focus. That’s all there is to it.
  7. Proper Layout and Design

    Here’s an easy way to make your ebook easy to read: suck the reader in!
  8. Pricing Issues

    How do you decide what the best selling price is for your ebook. Surprise, surprise.
  9. Promoting Your Book To The World

    If you have an existing mailing list, tell them about your new ebook first! Offer them the best deal possible – a special offer that no one else will be getting.
  10. What To Do When You Get Stuck

    If you get stuck or lost at any point during the product creation / marketing process, don't panic. There's an easy solution!

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