Domain Flipping Treasure

Domain Flipping Treasure

Domain Flipping Treasure

Do you have $10.00 to spare? If you do, you can jump into the world of domain (DN) flipping and start generating a profit on Day One. It‟s a no-brainer technique that is being used by hundreds of domain flippers around the world who are pulling in tons of quick cash from simple domain flips. And don‟t worry about finding brandable, in demand domain names. While we certainly will never likely find a one-word domain name available anywhere online (for less than a couple of hundred thousand dollars), we can still make a decent, and steady income flipping average domain names found on expired lists, or available for immediate registration with your regular domain service provider! The potential for ongoing profit is truly unlimited, and you can average anywhere from $50.00 in profit, to $200.00 or more. Best of all, there are ways to safeguard your domain investments so that you NEVER lose money on a domain sale or auction. The very worst-case scenario is? You break even.

Buying and selling domain names can be an exceptionally lucrative venture to get into, however, if you are starting off with very little cash flow, it's always best to purchase lower cost domains and generate small profits as you work your way up to larger flips. I have sold hundreds of domain names that I secured from marketplaces like eBay and resold on marketplaces like,,, or While the marketplaces where domain sales are most lucrative are different from that of website flipping, the flip process remains the same with your focus being on locating and purchasing low-cost domains and selling them for a higher price. One of the great aspects of domain flipping is that the work required is minimal. Unlike website flipping, you aren't forced into updating websites, tweak or split test sales copy or outsource tasks to freelancers. You can start, run and manage your domain flipping business entirely on your own with minimal start-up costs involved.

To get started in the domain selling arena, all you need to do is find memorable, appealing domain names in niche markets and sell them to buyers, eager to create their own website because they see value in the domains you are selling. And don‟t be mistaken…. Even standard, a $10 domain registrations can be sold for up to 10x the initial cost if you are able to present the domain name to potential buyers in such a way that you give them ideas as to how to develop the domain and emphasize branding opportunities.

In fact, I’ve seen “aged’ domains that were registered for $9 that had absolutely no revenue or traffic sell for up to $2000 simply because the buyer had a great idea for the domain name and felt it would fit in with their existing brand. Furthermore, the risks are quite low as are the investment costs, and once you have set up your system so that you are generating daily profits, it will require no more than one hour a day to keep the cash flow going. Many of my partners, students and friends are earning $500 - $2,500 per week from flipping low-cost domain names, while others have gone to secure high-value domain names that are generating them revenue even before they are resold. It's not a difficult business to get into if you follow my simple guide to buying and selling domain names.

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  1. Just Before You Start Your Business… To start, you will want to create accounts at the following domain 'hot spot', where you can both buy and sell domain names.........
  2. You will also need to enter in specific keywords, these are words that when contained within any of the expired domains, will be included in the results page after you have entered in your list and filtered through the results.
  3. While there is no exact science as to what type of domain names will ultimately be worth the most, apart from the obvious short and memorable domain names, there are a few things to keep in mind
  4. If your customer were to purchase the domain and build a business with this name, would they be able to easily brand it?
  5. Domain Parking is when you temporarily direct your domain name to a website, who in turn, will pay you for the traffic that is received who in turn, ends up clicking on the featured advertisements.
  6. Apart from expired domains, those that have been dropped with existing traffic and page rank are extremely valuable.
  7. It's very difficult to rely on our ability to catch a domain name as it has dropped and registered it before someone else does.
  8. It‟s time to set up your domain names on eBay! Before we do this, however, there are a couple of important things to take into consideration:
  9. When you sell your domain name, you will want to ensure that the transaction goes through successfully prior to handing over the domain name to your customer.

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