Delving Into Breath Modulation

Delving Into Breath Modulation

Delving Into Breath Modulation

Have you ever attempted slowing down your breath? What is the fewest number of breaths that you are able to take in one minute?

When you breathe deeply and slowly, can you feel your brain relaxing? You might be surprised to discover many advantages for your body and mind from breathing slowly. It might in fact be among the most important things you are able to do.

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  1. Research at the National Institutes of Health advises that breathing slowly for a few minutes a day is enough to help individuals lower blood pressure naturally without pills or supplements.
  2. It might seem too easy to be true, but the truth is your breathing holds the key that may unlock the stranglehold of stress and teach you invaluable lessons on how to cope with the inevitable tensions most of us face in modern life.

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