Create Automatic Cash

Create Automatic Cash

Create Automatic Cash

The concept behind this foolproof method to making money online is simple. We're going to take PDF documents, put affiliate links inside them and distribute them on document directory websites. 

It's a 5-step process:

Step 1. Find a good niche and a good product to promote.
Step 2. Find a keyword to market the product with
Step 3. Find some content
Step 4. Put it all together, make a PDF and upload it to some websites Step 5. Generate traffic and start earning cash! 

Ready to make money? Let's get started! 


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  1. Now here comes the autopilot money making machine! We're going to create a PDF document, fill it with information on the product that you're promoting, and place our affiliate link at the end.
  2. So now it's possible for people to view our PDF and buy our promoted product, but how do they find the PDF in the first place?
  3. Well done! If you've followed the 5-steps giving above then you've already mastered the system. (Download ebook, audiobook with MRR Here)

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