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CPA Profit Storm

CPA Profit Storm

What exactly does CPA stand for? It’s simply COST PER ACTION. You are paid whenever someone completes an offer whether it is a sale or lead using your referral link. There are many CPA companies available to choose from, each having dozens or even hundreds of offers. It’s never been easier to make money with CPA. Throughout this report, I’ll let you know to a variety of techniques and strategies that you can use to profit substantially from CPA business. These are all strategies that I have personally used to make money online with CPA offers.

Upon completing the reading of this eBook you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to profit from CPA offers and will be able to get started promoting. When you join a CPA company what you’re basically doing is aiding that company in promoting the advertisers that have registered with that company to have their product or service promoted.

It’s possible you’ve completed CPA offers in the past and didn’t realize that you were literally giving the person money just from you downloading a software application, or inputting your zip code or email address into a form. It’s really amazing that something as simple as entering your email address into a form with one field can result in being paid up to $1.50 in most cases. CPA companies usually break down their service into two common categories.

#1. Publishers. As noted, the Advertisers have their company listed with the CPA Company’s database, so now it is available for the Publishers to start promoting. The Publishers are the promoters. You will be the Publisher, as you will be promoting the offers listed within the CPA Company’s database by the Advertisers.

#2. Advertisers. These are the companies that have paid the CPA Company to promote their product. In most cases, they have pre-paid a deposit to have their product or service promoted.

Once the deposit is made and the offer goes live within the CPA Company’s database, it is made available for the second category.

That’s basically how the CPA networks work. You have the Publishers and Advertisers.

It’s also important to note that some CPA offers will have restrictions, so all the methods that will be mentioned in this report may not apply to each offer that is available. For example, some offers may be restricted to being promoted via email only, while others may be for web and search only, etc. You’ll have the option as a Publisher to go through and select the offers that meet your specifications in terms of mode of promotion.

When an advertiser has set up their offer, they have the option of selecting the modes of promotion that they allow for their offer. Email only offers are primarily for those who have newsletters and a mailing list to promote the advertiser’s offers. While the web is for the on-site banner placement, and search is mainly for those advertising through pay per click search engines.

When you join the various CPA networks you’ll realize that some offers will be available in more than one CPA network. For example, CPA Network A may have the same offer as CPA Network B. The difference between the two offers may be the payout that one network is offering. That’s why it is important that you join more than one CPA network. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You need to join as many networks as possible, so you can review all the offers available in each network and select the one that is paying the most for the offer you would like to promote.

In the next section, I’ll be introducing you to a step-by-step approach to getting accepted into the CPA Networks.

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  1. Now that you’ve been accepted into a few networks, it’s now time to go about selecting CPA offers that will bring in the cash that you are looking for. Let’s first go over the types of offers that you’ll find in the typical CPA Network.
  2. Take the time to go through this eBook again to ensure that you have a clear outline of the types of offers you should target and the variety of ways you can go about targeting each campaign.

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