Bum Marketing Simplified

Bum Marketing Simplified

Bum Marketing Simplified

Do you want to work hard, sweat, come home tired and still find you do not have enough money to pay the bills? OR…

Do you want to learn about a new way to make money, one that will make you $100 a day or more, every day, while you literally sit around like a BUM? You want to sit around on your bum and make money, and that is what this course is going to teach you. It will take you to the next level of bum marketing, so you become an instant success, and walk away with profits.


OK. Most people are willing to work a little. I promise if you pay attention and put just a little effort into what I am about to teach you, then you will successfully learn how to earn extra income while sitting on your bum.
Hence the name, “Bum Marketing.” Another more commonly used term is affiliate marketing. The key here is bum marketing is an easier way to make money than affiliate marketing.

You see, most people get into affiliate marketing and do not have a clue what they get into. They do not know how to make a good impression. They do not know how to promote and advertise the products or services they sell. Because of this, they give up too early, and they do not make any money.

With Bum Marketing, you can learn to affiliate market great products without much effort and make money, so you do not sit around, scratch your head and wonder what went wrong. There are a few secrets of bum marketing you need to know before we get started, so let’s start with those.

Two Secrets To Bum Marketing

There are two secrets everyone has to know before they can succeed as a bum marketer.

What are these secrets? Ok, first, most people do not realize you do not have to do everything right the first time you try to be successful as a bum marketer.

You do not have to be perfect. The people making millions of dollars do a lot of things right, but they are still not perfect. Most people however, think unless they have a perfect system in place, they have no chance of making money, and this simply is not true.

So listen up.

It’s OK If You Do Not Get It Right The First Time…

Anyone can make bum marketing work well for them if they are willing to put a little time and effort into it. Just a little, we are not talking about 40 hours each week here. That is why bum marketing is such a great concept.
You can flub it up and still make money.

You can know nothing about bum marketing or Internet marketing and still make more money then many of the “so-called” guru's of marketing. This is why I am such a fan of bum marketing and why I have my family and friends into bum marketing too.

What IS Bum Marketing Again?

First, if you do not know what BUM MARKETING is, then you need a bit of education.

Bum Marketing Defined
Bum marketing is everything you think it is if you rely on the title alone to define marketing. It is a way to make money marketing by doing virtually nothing.

Bum Marketing is actually a form of affiliate marketing, something you probably already know about. When you affiliate market, you promote someone else’s products or services for a cut of the profits they receive.
When done correctly, it is an excellent way to make money. The question is this: “How is Bum Marketing any different?”

I’ll tell you. Travis Sago created a method to affiliate marketing, one he refers to as “bum marketing” and it is rapidly becoming one of the more competitive fields to get into on the Web.

You can learn everything there is to know about Bum Marketing free. All you have to do is visit the website (which I will show you in a minute). You can watch a video and sign up for a free course that literally shows you how to work Bum Marketing successfully.

It doesn’t even have a program for affiliates yet, though it will likely in the near future, so get in while you can.
Now, as with anything free, of course you are prompted to buy something, and why wouldn’t you be? Any good marketer knows when giving something away free they should try to sell something too.

In case you are too lazy and want to be a real couch potato and not sign up for the entire course, here is how Bum Marketing works in a nutshell.

People just getting into the field of marketing are not always ideal for affiliate marketing. Many believe they can make money on the Web simply and easily, but this isn’t always true. So what do you do?
You need to start creating a steady and regular flow of money so you can learn more about affiliate marketing, and then consider it a full-time hobby.

How you do that is through the Bum Marketing program. Here is how it works, in a very simplified way:

1.You write an article on a topic that has a lot of potential in a niche market. What you want is that article listed in Google or with other popular search engines.

2.Wait for a buyer to read your article, and hopefully you had the sense to place a link (embedded affiliate link) into your article, so the reader clicks through.

3.You make money.

Some describe it in terms of article marketing, because it works in much the same way. You write articles, embed your affiliate links in them and wait for things to happen. For Bum Marketing to work however, you have to follow some important principles.

Key Concepts

There are a few secrets to Bum Marketing. First, you can’t simply write an article about ANYTHING. You have to find a hot niche market. You also want to find keyword phrases to accompany that market, ones that do not have too much competition, because if they do you will have a harder time getting people to click through your links.

When you find your niche, your keyword phrases, you write (or hire someone to write) great articles, SEO optimize it and submit it.

The people making money using Bum Marketing are the ones selecting profitable keywords and connecting with people interested in buying whatever it is they promote or sell. Whether it’s your own product or an affiliate product, it all works the same way.

Here is a key idea you have to realize to win.

Bum Marketing does not cost you a penny.

How many marketing programs and gurus show you how to make money without telling you that you have to spend tons of money in the process? You guessed it, zero.

Here is how it works again. Remember, this is simple stuff folks. You submit your articles, with terrific keywords, to search engines, with links embedded into them, from great affiliate programs.

Then you wait for savvy marketers to pick up your articles and post them, so their traffic clicks through and you get paid your affiliate income.

So why read a whole book about it?

Well, it is a little more complicated than it may first seem. We make it seem like it is easy, and it is. But, there is a lot more to bum marketing than first meets the eye. So, before you go a step further, you have to get a proper education on bum marketing.

We could waste your time and write about fifty pages of content about it, or we can send you to the very creator of the system, the person that will provide you everything you need to know to make bum marketing all it needs to be.
If you have no idea what bum marketing is, go to

You have to do this before you read any more of this guide. When you link to this website, just put your email address in and that is it. You will receive a free course that will tell you everything there is to know about bum marketing, at least the essentials. We’ll tell you the rest you need to know in the remainder of this guide.

Remember, when you click this link, you get a FREE course that explains the
whole bum marketing process. This is the original source of bum marketing.

Once you do your homework and read your course (it won’t take long at all), then you can come back to this book and move on to the next chapter. Now it is time to get into the nitty-gritty, the details behind bum marketing.
Are you ready?

Great. There are certain secrets that make any program work. This is true of bum marketing just as it is of any type of marketing program. In the next section, we will talk about the first secret to bum marketing.

You will learn a little about this secret from your free course. In this book, we will expand on what you learn so you can become the exceptional bum marketer you always wanted to be. The first secret to bum marketing is.... (Hint: It’s in the next chapter).

So read on, and don’t miss your opportunity to make bum marketing work for you.

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Course Intro Video


  1. The Secrets of Bum Marketing Article Magic

    By now you should know the only way to succeed as a bum marketer is to learn how to write great articles. Think about it. There are literally millions of articles already in syndication on the Web.
  2. Product Selection – Separate Winners From Losers

    The next secret to bum marketing is one you will understand very easily once you start reading about it. Ready? Good.
  3. How To Conduct The BEST, FREE Keyword Research

    Keyword research is fun. I love it. I can spend hours researching keywords, which is a mistake as it takes away from writing articles.
  4. Insider Secrets To Bum Marketing Success

    If you follow every bit of advice offered in this guide so far you will become a successful bum marketer.
  5. Final Action Plan For Success

    This is what you should be doing every week. If you want to succeed, if you want to be the bum marketer you deserve to be, the kind of person I’ve been talking about all along…

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