Becoming The Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon

Becoming The Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon

Becoming The Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon

I may simply speak from my own experience. None of the concepts and insights I share are inherently true or false, correct or incorrect. They merely reflect my own results, and the astonishing results I‟ve seen in the lives of 1000s and 1000s of my people.

Having stated that, however, I trust that if you practice the principles you learn in this course, you'll totally transform your life. Don‟t simply read this course. Study it as if your life depended on it. Then try the principles out for yourself. Whatever works, continue doing. Whatever doesn't, you‟re welcome to cast aside.

I know I might be biased, but when it comes to cash, this may be the most significant course you've ever join. I realize that‟s a bold statement, but the fact is, this book supplies the missing link between your want for success and your accomplishment of success. As you‟ve likely found out by now, those are two different worlds. To be sure, you‟ve read other books, listened to tapes or CDs, gone to classes, and learned about many get-rich systems be they in real property, stocks, or business. But what happened? For most individuals, not much! They get a short blast of power, and then it‟s back to the status quo.

Finally, there‟s an answer. It‟s easy, its law, and you‟re not going to circumvent it. It all comes down to this: if your subconscious isn‟t “set” for success, nothing you learn, nothing you understand, and nothing you accomplish will make much of a difference.

Becoming The Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon Collections Of Money Related Wisdom Gathered From Timeless Principles And Parables.

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  1. During my twenties, I started several different businesses, each with the dream of attaining my fortune, but my outcomes went from dismal to worse.
  2. Chapter 2: You Must Grow

    We live in a world of duality: up and down, light and dark, hot and cold, in and out, quick and slow, right and left.
  3. Chapter 3: Visible vs. Invisible

    Envisage a tree. Let‟s think this tree constitutes the tree of life. On this tree, there are fruits. In life, our fruits are known as our results.
  4. Chapter 4: Proclamations

    In my seminars, we utilize “accelerated learning” strategies that let you learn quicker and remember more of what you learn.
  5. Chapter 5: What Is Your Financial Future

    When I‟m appearing somewhere, I‟m well-known for making the accompanying statement: “Give me 5 minutes, and I may anticipate your financial future for the rest of your life”.
  6. Chapter 6: Verbal Training

    Let‟s start with verbal training. What did you hear about cash, wealth, and wealthy individuals when you were growing up?
  7. Chapter 7: Modeling

    The 2nd way we are trained is called modeling. What were your parents or guardians like in the area of cash when you were growing up?
  8. Chapter 8: Particular Incidents

    The 3rd basic way in which we're conditioned is by particular incidents.

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