Article Marketing Simplified

Article Marketing Simplified

Article Marketing Simplified

Article Marketing is basically the writing and distribution of text articles to online outlets such as article directories, forums, and newsletter publishers as well as offline outlets such as magazines and newspapers. Article Marketing is perfect for anyone who is selling their own product, affiliate products, or simply wants to get traffic to an opt-in page, an AdSense site, or a site full of affiliate links. Marketing with articles is not only very effective, but it's also quite inexpensive way market your business.

Marketing with articles will help your business to grow for multiple reasons. Articles have a tendency to become viral, so your message is spread all over the internet … which in turn increases your traffic and sales. Having articles published in a variety of places also builds your credibility by establishing yourself as THE expert in your niche.

The process is daily simple...
➢You write keyword optimized articles about your niche.
➢Submit the articles to popular article directory websites.
➢The search engines will 'pick them up.'
➢You make sales, get opt-in signups, or earn affiliate commissions.

Let’s say that you’re in the diet niche, and you sell multiple diet products. You write a diet article that is closely related to one of your products, but you don’t advertise your product in the article. Instead, in your article you discuss a particular problem that your product can help solve.

So if you’re selling a diet pill, you can write an article about the dangers of obesity, what causes it, and how to combat it. You should try to make your article be at least 350 words, and no more then 700 words. Remember, people have a short attention span!

At the conclusion of your article, you will want to include an author’s resource box. This is basically a block of text (usually 3-5 lines) that tells a little about yourself and gives the reader a compelling reason to click on your link.

Here’s an example:
John Brown is a leading diet expert who has helped thousands of overweight people lose weight and get healthy. You will find more valuable diet information at his website

After you write the article, be sure to check it for spelling and grammar errors! After you have proofread your article, you are ready to distribute it to article directories, forums, and newsletter publishers. Join the course to learn more......

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  1. There are many people who dread having to write papers or articles. Many just feel like it seems to be too much work and it all just goes to waste when no one reads the.
  2. One of the easiest ways to make money online is by using articles to promote affiliate products. Promoting affiliate products is really nice because:
  3. preferably something that you know a little about. Also ensure that it is a niche that you can identify as one where people have a need or a problem.
  4. With Affiliate Article Marketing, quantity is better than quality. It’s about writing lots of articles that are of decent quality rather than a few articles of a high quality.
  5. After you have finished writing your articles, added them to your blog and submitted them to the directories, you might as well get maximum exposure from them - so here are a few other promo methods:

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