Affiliates and Resellers Make You Rich

Affiliates and Resellers Make You Rich

Affiliates and Resellers Make You Rich

You may be fairly new to the online marketing arena, or you may already be making money as an affiliate marketer and/or product reseller - Maybe even making a comfortable living from your online business endeavors... But if that's all you're doing, you're missing the boat - big time!

If you're just affiliate marketing, you're not building your list fast enough, you're promoting & branding other marketers only, and you're just getting a piece of each sale you make online.

If you're just buying products with resell rights to offer to your customers you're making the money from each sale, but you're still branding the creators of those products instead of yourself, and you're not offering anything unique - every resell rights product has dozens, hundreds or even thousands of sites offering the same product.

Just Affiliate Marketing and/or Reselling Products WILL NOT Bring You The Fame And Fortune You Desire...

If you're like most people in the online marketing world you can probably name 5 Big-Dog Marketers whose products you have on your hard drive or web sites right now, right? How is it you know their names? How did you know to buy their products? For that matter, how did they get to be world-famous Big Dogs in the first place?

You already KNOW the answers to those questions, don't you? They became world-famous and created their huge incomes by promoting products with THEIR name on them, Their links in them, and by building huge followings and huge lists! And they get more and more publicity every time someone like you promotes their products as an affiliate or buys one of their products with resell rights and puts it online to promote!

Now don't misunderstand - there's nothing wrong with affiliate marketing or being a reseller, except that you're the only one building your name, building your lists and building your income, right? Wouldn't it be nicer if you had OTHER PEOPLE building your brand, affiliates building your lists and profits, and a growing fandom for products you yourself created?

You may think it's hard work, expensive or time-intensive to create your own unique products, or that you have to already be a Big Dog to create your own products... Not so - in fact, I'm about to reveal how you can...Create A Product A Day!

You will learn: How To Create Products From Private Label Rights! (And that's just the Introduction!)

5 Different Unique Digital Products You Can Create In ONE DAY EACH!

Suggested Ways To Monetize Each Of The Five Methods!

How To Decide Which Ones To Sell & Which To Build Your Opt-In Lists With!

Special Bonus: 7 Additional Products That Can Be Created In ONE DAY EACH!

Now Let Affiliates & Resellers Make YOU Rich & Famous!

Best of all, once YOU are creating the products, it's up to YOU what rights to give out with them... Add them to your affiliate program and recruit an affiliate sales force to market them for you! Offer Master Resell Rights and get others spreading YOUR name & links all around the world - and their customers too!

And when you give your products away to build your lists, give them a copy of your squeeze page and let them give it away to build their lists too - after all, it's YOUR name & links they're branding with every copy they give away! Watch your profits explode when these three channels take YOUR products viral!


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  1. Create A Product A Day: Method One – Creating Reports

    One of the easiest products to create in one day is the List-Building Report.
  2. Create A Product A Day: Method Two – Teleseminars

    Teleseminars are a great way to create products, especially since each teleseminar can be used as two separate products – the live call itself and the recording & transcript afterwards.
  3. Create A Product A Day: Method Three – Offline Business Interviews

    This is one of the least exploited opportunities for creating your own business in a day yet can be one of the most useful and profitable for the time it takes.
  4. Create A Product A Day: Method Four – Software and Website How-To Videos

    For every software product you’re proficient in there are people just now wanting to learn how to use it or get better at it.
  5. Create A Product A Day: Method Five – Graphics Collections and Mini-Sites

    This is actually two different products, but because they’re closely related let’s treat them as one for the purposes of this report…
  6. Additional Ideas

    Here’s just a quick peek at a few more products you could create in one day.

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