Advanced Memory Techniques

Advanced Memory Techniques

Advanced Memory Techniques

For students, improve your grades with less effort!

This course is also....The ideal for any stage mentalist or magician by establishing the credibility of amazing skills with an easy to the follow instructional book on using the amazing power of your memory.

The ancient Greeks would have power memory contests - they would speak for hours.

The stories would be learned word for word ...

Join the power mnemonists!

The author, Andrew Stuart Gray writes ...

'If you are a student then you are really going to find the techniques that are included in this book are weapons in your arsenal of keeping all that information in your head. You would probably have to buy MANY books to be able to find all the information that you would find here in just one easy-to-read volume.

Research has shown that buy remembering creatively not only will you be able to remember AND recall more with less effort, with more fun and interest, but you will ALSO start to THINK more creatively and be able to connect information in such ways that you can answer questions more fluidly.

But memories shouldn't just be used for remembering facts, you can also achieve amazing stunts with very little effort! How? Read on ....

One of the most important parts of stage magic is to convince the audience that you have gifts and talents beyond that which are naturally available to the average human. And even though most of the time they know there must be some trick to it, jaw dropping power will have them eating out of your hand.

A stage mentalist often relies on tricks, plants and words, though the amazing Derren Brown has blown the lid off of psychological mind bending principles. What is revealed on every page of this book adds to this new tradition of pure skill, which cannot be faked or duplicated, and yet is so simple it is a joy to both show and learn.

After just five minutes of reading the first few pages of this course you will have the skills to memorise and recall a list of 10 items forwards, backwards, or at random, and with very little practice be able to do so in under 20 seconds. But that's not all, you will soon be able to move on to memorise

100's and then 1000's of pieces of information

- whether it be the patter to a new trick, complex moves or the order of the tricks to your stage performance and no longer have to refer to written notes. Perhaps even the memorization of a deck of cards. Or even more! You can even develop this to card counting ... - the bain of every casino.

Look at what you will be able to do

Study and learn quicker

Read a book JUST ONCE and be able to recall the text months, even years later

Remember important key dates

Memorise incredibly long strings of numbers

Memorise a deck of cards - and learn ideas for magic tricks using this knowledge

Remember complex directions given to you by complete strangers

Once you have become familiar with all of these techniques you will be able to choose the most appropriate for the job in hand and amaze those watching. Even in the smallest of gatherings the I have had people beg me to tell them the secrets.

This is not a heavy academic book! It is printed so that you will be able to take your time over it, at your own pace. Yet you can read it in one evening.

Similar materials take a long and unnecessary time to explain what are very simple and ancient principles - don't be fooled by adverts on the web that claim that they are new!

This book crams 8 different techniques, including additional information on study skills, and suggestions for your power memory to start working, and how to use a unique and never before revealed technique of virtual mindmapping* - which I personally use for memorising huge amounts of information without ever lifting a pen!

I have personally trained so many people in how to use their powerful memory that I am convinced that everyone has genius locked away inside - and this book is as a direct result of years of people asking me to write it down for them.

From 8 year olds to the elderly - I take the greatest pleasure teaching people with dyslexia and demonstrating that they have the most powerful memories of all.

You will be amazed at just how powerful your mind really is!

Included in this course are

Welcome and introduction

Systems 1-8

Virtual Mindmap®*


Lets start easy ...

What about directions?

Telephone numbers

Dates of history

Card memorization techniques

Tips on foreign languages

Beginning to think like a genius!


Timings - and how to review effectively.

This last section is crucial and often overlooked in memory courses - but in fact, it is very important when retaining information for long term memory and an understanding of the principles involved are important.

Even if you are familiar with one or two of these techniques already, I almost guarantee that you will not have come across virtual mindmapping before, anywhere. It uses every single one of the techniques to produce a rich learning and remembering environment.


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Course Intro Video


  2. It’s all getting a bit complex now so we will now simplify it again, and look at a system that was discovered many years ago whereby whole words could be made out of letters.
  3. Stories have captured our imagination since time began, it is part of who we are. We can probably all remember our favourite story and recall many of the details.
  4. If you take a regular journey to somewhere, using the same route over and over, the chances are that right now you will be able to sit down and recall each individual step along the way.
  5. We now return to ancient Greece where the great memorizers first hung out! This was the very system, also known as the LOCI system, that they used.
  6. I would recommend that you don’t try this system until you have grown confidence using all the other systems and that you are able to create strong images in your head in under 4 seconds.
  7. Forget where you put your keys? Right. From now on, what you need to do is when you put your keys downlink them to where you are putting them.
  8. Timings

    Right at the beginning of this book I talked about the mind is like a filing cabinet, and about short-term and long-term memory.
  9. Appendix

    The following information, ideas, and thoughts arrived too late to be included in the main body of this short course. Future updates will include this material. These ideas have been used as examples of how you can use your memory.

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