Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

Every thought you think every word you say is an affirmation all of our self-talk or inner dialogue is a stream of affirmations. We are continually affirming subconsciously with our words and thoughts and this flow of affirmations is creating our life experience in every moment.

Our beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood, many of these work well for us, but others may now be working against us, they are dysfunctional and may be sabotaging us from achieving what we believe we want.

Every affirmation we think or say is a reflection of our inner truth or beliefs. It is important to realize that many of these "inner truths" may not actually be true for us now or may be based on invalid or inappropriate impressions we constructed as children, which if examined as an adult can be exposed as inappropriate.

Our subconscious uses the behavior patterns we have learned to automatically respond and react to many everyday events in our life.

This is essential to our survival, we need to be able to respond quickly to events around us which would be impossible if we had to reexamine every aspect of things every time something simple happens.

Our learned responses and thought patterns enable us to automatically respond to circumstances quickly and easily. Problems arise, however if at an early stage some of the foundation beliefs on which many of the others are built were formed from a skewed perspective, maybe the strategy was appropriate for a perceived difficult circumstance, however often such beliefs are totally inappropriate for succeeding in the real world as adults.

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  1. Chapter 2: Find Your Unique Strengths, Gifts, and Talents

    Discovering your strengths and talents is like first building the basement for your house. It's your foundation. It's like the soil from which a strong and beautiful tree can grow.
  2. Chapter 3: Power Methods to Write and Use Affirmations

    Use active verbs in your affirmations. Getting, doing, having, learning, loving, and earning are all words that immediately show an image of action to your inner self.
  3. Chapter 4: Create the Life You Desire

    Affirmations are one of the single most powerful tools for creating abundance and the great thing about it is that this process is readily available to anybody for absolutely no charge.
  4. Chapter 5: Attitude is the Most Important Thing

    It is the basic principle of looking at a half full or half-empty glass. It's your viewpoint of life that determines you attitude.
  5. Chapter 6: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Living within the confines of routine life results in feelings of being uncertain, frustrated, and low, largely because of the monotony that's involved.
  6. Chapter 7: Create a Time Frame

    There‟s a difference between creating your own universe and creating in the physical world. When you create inside yourself there's no time involved – your awareness is timeless!
  7. Chapter 8: The Art of Affirmations and Manifestations

    Learning the art of attraction and manifestation will help us achieve what we want in life, by focusing in on what we want.
  8. Chapter 9:Financial Freedom Affirmations

    I'm successful in everything I do........
  9. Chapter 10: Habits and Subconscious Affirmations

    All habits in my life story are health-giving.......
  10. Chapter 11: Health and Wellness Affirmations

    I have the power to control my health....
  11. Chapter 12: Marketing and Business Affirmations

    I build fresh relationships and continue to foster existing relationships with other affiliate marketers...
  12. Chapter 13: Positive Thinking Affirmations

    I'm healthy since my practices are healthy....
  13. Chapter 14: Relationship Affirmations

    I'm attracting emotionally available partners to my loving and giving spirit...
  14. Chapter 15: Self Discovery Affirmations

    Every moment I spend in quiet stillness brings me closer to my true self......
  15. Chapter 16: Spiritual Affirmations

    I'm a divine expression of a loving God..

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