101 WordPress Tips

101 WordPress Tips

101 WordPress Tips

1) Install TTFTitles
You want to start a WordPress blog, but you only have a limited amount of themes and there's a limit to how much you can change quickly and easily. But you can use what you already have – text, and change the fonts in order to make the blog your own.

2) Use Drop Caps
Drop Caps allows you to make your blog posts seem more like a news article. People are familiar with that format and feel more comfortable reading text that is formatted that way. The capitalized letters allow the user to instantly focus his attention at the beginning of a post.

3) Use Gravatar to encourage participation
By using Gravatar you are helping yourself and encouraging user participation. If posters will have a distinct photo it makes them look more like individuals, and their posts will be easily recognized, and they'll get due credit on their insight. It will also help you discover the usage statistics visually.

4) Display your categories like a website
Websites display their pages and categories in a horizontal line. There isn't any excuse to not doing this. It will give your blog a much more professional and orderly look, and it will allow you to vacate the already cluttered sidebar for more important links.

5) Venture outside of WordPress for themes
Everyone and their mother uses the same themes that WordPress offers. It gives a slapdash and unprofessional feeling to your website. You need to venture to a website where WordPress themes are offered for free or for a small sum. If you opt to use the regular ones, at least change the colors – personalize it.

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  1. Tip6-Tip50

    You can give them a portion of it or give them occasional bonuses that arrive from the AdSense revenue, or you can use a plugin that separates and keeps track of which writer did how much AdSense-wise..........
  2. Tip51-Tip101

    Word Press is constantly upgrading and improving. Make sure you keep your version up to date so you can take advantage of ALL features offered.

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