101 Photoshop Tips

101 Photoshop Tips

101 Photoshop Tips

1) When trying to do something, see if there's a plug-in that does it for you
There are a lot of things you might want to do with Photoshop, but it would mean tinkering with values and brushes for hours. But sometimes other people wanted to do the exact same thing – in fact, several people did, and they created plug-ins and brushes, which they offer for free.

2) Use images in the public property
Most of the known public property images are very old ones, that are of poor quality and in our part of some governmental database. But there are other websites in which amateur photographers, or just plain good people, release good quality photos for people to use – even commercially, without breaking the law.

3) Search for cheap photos
When trying to find a photo that would suit a certain website, it is sometimes hard to find something for free – especially if you're trying to be original and to not repeat other websites' chosen images. To fix that, there are websites of photographers and cartoonists who sell the use of their creations for a small one-time nominal fee.

4) When given a badly photographed image, turn it into black and white
Sometimes a client gives you images you can't use Рeither because they are so poorly photographed or lit, that they are barely visible, or because their quality doesn’t fit the rest of the photos you have, and any modifications would be visible. In that case turn the photo into a gray one or purely black and white in the worst cases.

5) When trying to make something pop, blur everything else
Sometimes you need to make an ordinary everyday object attractive and visible. One way to do that – which could have been done while photographing the object, but can also be done in Photoshop – is to make everything else around it blurry, and to turn the brightness of the object up a bit.

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  1. Tip6-Tip50

    When you get a picture that has a lot of things in it, the viewers’ eye doesn't know where to focus its attention, and you get an undesired effect.........
  2. Tip51-Tip101

    Instead of canceling something you did entirely, due to over tinkering with things, you can just reset it and start over. All you have to do is press Alt and the Cancel button will turn into a Reset button. It saves a lot of time and hassle when you add that time up...

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