101 Internet Security Tips

101 Internet Security Tips

Using the Internet for business and leisure is a necessity in today’s world. As the technology that allows you to work more efficiently online increases, techniques used by Internet criminals also adapts. While some online crimes are perpetrated only for the criminal to exert power by making your life miserable through damaging your computer, identity theft is the main focus for most Internet thieves. In addition to identity theft threats from hackers, computers can fall victim to viruses, spyware and phishing programs from Internet misuse. While you may think that high-profile or wealthy individuals are the common targets, most hackers are looking for an easy opportunity. The easiest opportunity, of course, is an unprotected computer. Your computer holds all of your most private personal and financial information, so proper security is a must to keep you and your files safe.

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    If your operating system comes standard with a built-in firewall, spam blocker, anti-virus software or other security application, be sure that it's activated.
  2. Tip51-Tip101

    Scan your computer with an anti-virus software, and delete anything that the program finds to be suspicious. If the problem is not resolved call for professional technical help from a repair shop or manufacturer.

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