101 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

101 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

101 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Using the Internet has become a way of life for this centuryís kids. As technology continues to advance, the Internet is essential for communication, education, and fun. However, the advances in real-time information sharing can pose serious threats to children. In addition to the Internet predators that many parents are aware of, children are also at risk for stalking, bullying, addiction, legal consequences and other online dangers. When allowing children to use the Internet, parents should use the tips listed below to ensure that all members of the family can enjoy a safe and fun online environment.

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    Determine what your child needs to use the computer for. This could be school-related or just for entertainment. Make sure your child knows what he or she is and is not allowed to do on the computer.
  2. If children use chat rooms, encourage them to stay in the public chat area instead of engaging in private chat.

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