100 Flirting Tips EVERY Single Person Should Know

100 Flirting Tips EVERY Single Person Should Know

100 Flirting Tips EVERY Single Person Should Know

100 Flirting Tips! Utilize These Tips to Snag the Person of Your Dreams!

1. Know the purpose of flirting.
Flirting is playful in nature, which is practiced by a person in order to express his or her interest in another individual, either romantically or sexually. There are ways to flirt subtlety and there are also ways of flirting that can be obvious at times. You can flirt with the use of your eyes, body language, touch, tone of your voice, or a combination of the mentioned behaviors.

2. Prolonging eye contact.
Whether you are talking to someone or looking at someone at a distance, prolonging eye contact can send the message that you are interested in her. It should be noted though that maintaining eye contact should only be done to some extent. Do not overdo it, especially if you are looking at another person across the bar, since it can make her uncomfortable.

3. Smile.
Smiling sends all the right messages, and people love to look at a person who has a pleasant and happy face. This is the reason why smiling is one of the most effective tools, when it comes to flirting. With that, if you are interested in a person, you should smile, so that you would appear approachable and ready for a conversation.

4. Asking questions.
Asking questions and showing the other person that you are interested in his answers is one of the best ways to flirt. It would make him feel good that you are interested in his experiences, opinions, likes, as well as dislikes. Make sure that you listen to his answers, though, so that it would become effective.

5. Touch playfully.
Poking, playfully punching the guy, or playing with the girl’s jewelry is a way to get closer to the other person without overdoing it. These playful touches are subtle ways to flirt without being openly sexual. Choose the proper timing, though, so that your actions would not come as inappropriate.

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  1. Maintaining eye contact with the other person is essential to let him know that you are into him. However, you should do it gently........
  2. When you go to a bar, you would most likely approach a person who is smiling, instead of the one who is looking sad or grumpy..

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