8 Dropshipping Tips for your home based business ideas

8 Dropshipping Tips for your home based business ideas

1. Are they integrated with eBay? This will make your job a whole lot easier if you are looking to have an eBay store or auction.

2. Do they offer data feeds? Save yourself tons of time and frustration....try to go with suppliers that have a data feed so you can easily bulk upload their resources onto your site. This will get your dropshipping business started almost instantly!

3. Are they a "blind" drop shipper? A blind dropshipper will ship the products under your companies name, NOT their own. If they do not blind dropship....what is the point?

4. Does the supplier allow you to use their pictures and descriptions? If the answer to this question is no, you are not using a legitimate supplier...so RUN!

5. Do they offer price guarantees/matching? Although Doba claims to do this, many people have stated otherwise. Price matching is good...but you do not have a good chance of finding it.

6. Do they offer brand name products? What do the people want? Give the people what they want...and the money will come. If they do not offer name brand products, then how do they compare? Will people on eBay buy your nameless sneakers for the same price as the other guy selling Sketchers? Do your homework....don't just jump on the first good supplier you come across.

7. Do they offer educational training or multi-media sources? Again---our FAVORITE source, OneSource, offers a tremendous training package to help you get your business started. This is a great asset to you, and you should look for sources with this tool.

8. Do they offer a toll-free number with customer service support? If you have a customer with lots of questions, who is willing to buy, but needs a few answers....or a customer with a shipping issue, or WHATEVER, you must have a telephone number for which you can call them to get your questions answered in a reasonable amount of time. If email is the only means of communication...you may want to check them out of RipoffReport or bbbonline. Chances are good that they are a scam and not a legitimate company.

9. Do they offer sample products for you to test? Some companies will do this...but it isn't a necessity. Just make sure you can see pictures or order a product yourself.

10. What type of payment methods are acceptable? You will want to know if they accept credit cards, PayPal, cashiers check, or what? Some companies will only do one or the other.

11. Do they have a good reputation with the BBB? Always important...for your safety and your potential customers.

12. How quickly is the order fulfilled? 2-3 business days, 4-5 business days, 1-2 weeks....VERY IMPORTANT when selling on eBay especially.

13. How much do they charge for shipping and are there drop ship fees? These are factors you will have to take into consideration when calculating the cost per item...that is, if you want to make a profit!

14. Is there a minimum order requirement? If yes, is it reasonable? If no, GREAT!

15. Does the supplier offer true wholesale pricing? You can figure that out by doing research on a few of the items they have listed. If you can find them for much cheaper...then the answer is No.

16. Are their products readily available and in stock? They should disclose this information on their FAQ pages, and if it isn't listed, contact them. You really have to know this especially for eBay.

17. Does the supplier offer a back order system? Again....if doing eBay, you want to know these answers, otherwise you will get VERY bad reviews by customers, and may potentially get kicked off.

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