3 Simple Steps to Wealthy Affiliate Stardom In 30 Days: best affiliate programs

3 Simple Steps to Wealthy Affiliate Stardom In 30 Days: best affiliate programs

If you're marketing affiliate products via the Internet, you have two huge problems... and they're no joke.


Smart wealthy affiliates use the same fundamental business skills used to grow corporate companies to grow an affiliate business.


Because wealthy affiliate marketers know what works based on human psychology. Apply the key principles and you can solve your affiliate marketing problems.

Today you will get access to my simple 3-step system to become a wealthy affiliate in only 30 days.

Our best affiliate marketing secrets are all yours in just a second.

But, first let's look at the elements that make up the foundation of any wealthy affiliate's system.

1- List Building

You can make commissions sending traffic straight to a sales page with your affiliate link, but then you have no control on what your prospects do after they click your link. This is why building an email list is so vital to affiliate marketing success.

A well-crafted list building campaign will often get more initial sales anyways. That said, a straight to sales page campaign will often fail miserably. Where possible, build your email list with qualified prospects and offer them resources they will find of value, both free and paid.

2- The Right Message to Market Match

Your affiliate marketing campaigns can perform decently with a general marketing message. But, if you want your marketing messages to resonate with your prospects then make it specific. Prospects do not want to see watered down information that is completely general in nature.

A much more appealing message is to offer something which solves a problem for them that is related to your marketplace, and is focused specifically on that problem.

Now we being with the 3 simple steps to wealthy affiliate stardom in 30 days.

1- Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any affiliate marketing business. If you are unfamiliar with the term 'traffic' it simply means the flow of people to your website. Just like people going to the local grocery store, a wealthy affiliate has a steady stream of people coming to the desired website.

There are only two ways to get traffic: Either you can pay for it, or you can spend time to acquire it. Both mediums are effective but very different. Paid traffic is usually of much higher quality because you can control the advertising message and the target market pretty specifically depending on the ad network you are running advertising with. Popular ad networks include Google, YouTube, Facebook, Native Advertising, and Newsletter Advertising.

Free traffic is acquired by publishing relevant and helpful content to the people in your marketplace. This content can be written, audio, or video. The downside to free traffic is the time investment required so paid advertising is much more scalable for business purposes.

2- Conversion Strategy

Every wealthy affiliate has systems in place to convert prospects into customers and long-term raving fans. Affiliate marketers achieve this goal with the automated approach of email autoresponders. As explained earlier, wealthy affiliates build their email list database using software called an autoresponder.

What this software allows marketers to do is create permission-based email lists where prospects enter in their information and receive messages based on the list they join. These email messages going out at predetermined times after your prospect has opted-in to the email list. This conversion strategy is the best and most effective way of automating an affiliate marketing business.

3- Top Tier Offers

Top tier is just a fancy way of saying higher priced products and services. The idea here is to market products and services that have marketing systems built in to convert prospects buyers, and existing buyers to buyers of higher priced products and services.

These marketing systems allow the affiliate to sell a product priced under $100 for a commission, and then when the company closes that buyer on a more expensive product or service (usually using an autoresponder service) the affiliate receives a commission on that as well.

Top tier offers are becoming more and more popular because it only takes one or two sales to generate the same amount of revenue generated by hundreds or thousands of smaller sales. Meaning top tier offers are much more lucrative for affiliates because it only requires a small amount of customers.

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