3 Signs of Self-Defeating Behavior

3 Signs of Self-Defeating Behavior

If you have always been having problems about yourself and you have never had a successful relationship or connection with other people, knowing the signs if you have a self-defeating behavior is a must. Knowing if you have this will help you figure out a way of improving your personality and ridding yourself of this unpleasant behavior.

This unfavorable trait commonly starts at early adulthood and in various circumstances. Individuals who have this type of personality are more inclined to stay away from experiences which he or she will take pleasure from. They rarely or never have lasting or successful relationships with friends, family or even a special someone.

There are also instances wherein the individual exhibiting self-defeating behaviors engage in relationships which he or she will suffer from. If you wish to know if you or someone you know has this type of behavior, you have to identify 3 of the most common signs.

  1. If you check the relationships of those who have this behavior, one sure sign is that they will never have any lasting and fruitful one. In most instances, they would rather choose undesirable situations which will only lead to failure, maltreatment and even dissatisfaction. Even if they know that there are other options which have more favorable outcomes, they still chose those which will only lead to sadness and frustration.
  2. Individuals who have this behavior reject any chance of being happy. They do not engage in any fulfilling activities even if they have the ability to socialize, meet new friends and have fun in the process. They do not want to be with good people. They constantly reject those who treat them well. When it comes to choosing a partner, they would rather choose one which will provide him or her with an unfulfilling relationship.
  3. Individuals who have this type of behavior would never accept any help from other people. However, they provide others with excessive help which were not solicited. Also, individuals with self-defeating behaviors are capable of helping others achieve their goals. However, when it comes to himself, he or she is incapable of achieving whatever is desired or wanted.

These individuals use this kind of behavior to face their everyday life. It prevents them from being happy and successful. As you can see, this having this type of attitude will bring anything good to one’s life. It will only become a vicious cycle not unless steps are taken to get rid of it.

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