10 spiritual methods to combat stress

10 spiritual methods to combat stress

1. Break the stress cycle

Relieve your symptoms of stress by exercising, meditating, sleeping etc. Take care of your body by eating well and getting enough sleep and exercise. Besides, you can try observing your reactions to stressors and whether they are appropriate for the situation. Observation alone is a great way to manage stress.

2. Look for grace.

Keep an eye out for little miracles in your life.

3. Find quiet.

God talks when we listen. When you reconnect with yourself, nature and your Higher Power, the ways to manage your stress naturally appear. Our little human worries seem inconsequential.

4. Do that which makes you feel close to God.

Put yourself in the environment where you feel God. If you don't at the moment, go to where you used to feel sacredness. You can try going back to church or any sacred places to sit and relax.

5. Remember what you love.

For mothers, loving our children can reconnect us to the Divine. This includes nature, life and your partner.

6. Find a trusted person or persons to support your desire to reconnect.

This person could be a priest, minister or friend or grandmother. Discuss about ways to manage your stress spiritually.

7. Remember when you used to be connected and make it a practice to remember that every day.

When stress approaches, recall that peaceful time and imagine actually being there. Remember how protected you felt then.

8. Mindfulness

Practice being fully present and mindful. Give yourself the assignment of being mindful for 1 day, 1 hour or 1 minute. Really be present. Observe yourself and the events around you and fully participate with your heart.

9. Choose to change your patterns

Make a choice to find yourself again. However, do not force it nor stress about it. It is not advisable to manage stress by creating more stress.

10. Be grateful

Remember to be thankful every day for everything that you have in your life.

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